I hope I can count on your support on and before November 3rd, to ensure Eastvale has strong leadership for the future.

Not only am I a dedicated community volunteer, but I have management experience as a Lieutenant at Riverside Police Department.  My management experience in City government will aid me as I work with our current Council, our City staff, and our community to achieve the goals we are striving for together.

As our City grows we need to continue to build smart and forward thinking.  Future projects including the Leal Master Plan and additional retail and other commercial development will provide us with an opportunity to obtain economic stability and attractive venues Eastvale residents to enjoy.

Public safety is the single most important matter that affects our community.  Families need to feel safe in their homes and where they shop.  I seek to make obtaining a law enforcement substation a priority.  Riverside County Sheriff’s Department is contracted for our law enforcement services but their workstation is in Jurupa Valley.  I would like to keep our deputies in our community from the beginning of their shift, to the end of their shift.  A substation can be the home to numerous law enforcement enhancement programs including the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), a Citizens on Patrol (COP) program, and youth leadership and mentoring programs such as a law enforcement Explorer post.  Our community wants to take an active role in keeping our city safe, and a law enforcement home is the next step in that process.


California’s AB109, Prop 47, Prop 57, and other early release programs have made it even more challenging for local governments to maintain public safety.  We have seen nationwide what can happen when we do not have strong public safety minded leaders at City Hall.  We need strong leadership for the future as we navigate these challenges, and creative ideas that can enhance our public safety mission.


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Paid for by Christian Dinco for Eastvale City Council, District 2
Eastvale, CA
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